Garbh Sanskar

Garbh Sanskar, a scientifically proven fact, is an amazing way of teaching / educating and bonding with unborn baby in womb during pregnancy.

The fundamental principle underlying Garbh Sanskar is that unborn baby is able to sense, feel, listen, dream, respond to outside stimulus & environment like thoughts, feeling of mother, soft music, vedic mantra sung in a particular rhythm etc. Also traditionally it is believed and now scientifically proven that child’s mental set up along with personality is greatly influenced by the thoughts of mother during pregnancy.

It is the process through which everlasting good impressions can be created on the mind of fetus and modern science also agrees to this fact.


We believe that pregnancy should be by choice and not by chance, so should be carefully planned and managed as per the principles of Garbh Sanskar giving the parents a complete control during this development phase of fetus.
  • Invoke a divine soul
  • Enhance chances of conception
  • Holistic development of fetus in womb
  • Improved chances of natural and healthy delivery

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