It involves the administration of medicines through the nose in the form of drops. Nasal administration medicinal oils or herbal mixtures are inhaled or pour in nose by drops (mixed with oils or ghee). This stimulates the nerve ending of nasal cavities resulting in better blood circulation in the sinuses.

Nasya is an effective treatment in various types of headaches. Sinusitis is a common type of headache associated with facial pain, along with Nasal complaints.

People would be frustrated with the pain, nasal complaints, sleeplessness and other pressure symptoms. For all those who are victims of long standing stubborn Sinusitis, Nasya comes as a blessing. The relief from Sinusitis brought about by Nasya is also complemented by an enhanced immunity in the nasal bed.

Nasya is generally done in the early hours of the morning on empty stomach, In some conditions it is done during noon and also at evening.

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