Dr. S. V. Choudhary

Managing Director & Marketing Officer

Dr. S. V.  Choudhary (MD. Ayurveda) is an accomplished Ayurvedic physician, pharmaceutical herbalist and nutritionist. She is highly skilled pulse reader and specialist of Panchakarma, the deep purification therapies of Ayurveda.

S. V. Choudhary is a specialist in woman's health issues including infertility and pregnancy. She has vast experience in Ayurvedic medicine and research. She has done research on cancer, gastritis and on many more chronic disorders. She owns marketing skills to expand business since 15 yrs.

She is hardworking and self believing personality. Doing tremendous work and research on Ayurvedic medicine, and doning lot of programs on TV. Channels to solve the peoples health issue through Ayurveda.